5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner Before Hiring Them

wedding planning checklistDeciding on a wedding coordinator is not easy. Getting married is one of the most special moments of your life and you want a wedding coordinator who will do more than just put together a wedding planning checklist. But deciding on just who to trust with your big day takes some time.


Some of the best wedding planning tips actually come before the wedding planning even begins. And it all starts with who you choose to help organize what is sure to be an epic event. Here are some questions you should put before your wedding planner before you cut the first cheque.


What Is Your Area of Expertise?


Not all wedding coordinators do everything well; most have a particular area of expertise. Most planners should be able to cover all aspects of your wedding, but it’s important that you know what your wedding planner is most adept at doing. That way you can decide whether they are capable of bringing your wedding together the way you’ve envisioned it in your mind.


Have You Planned a Wedding at Our Chosen Venue?


It’s not mandatory for your wedding planner to say yes to this question, but it certainly helps. If they are already familiar with the layout of the venue, then you’re a step ahead in the planning process. Plus, with everything that goes into making a wedding day unforgettable, getting a leg up early can go a long way.


How Much Time Will It Take to Plan the Wedding?


No matter how far away your wedding is–weeks, months, or years—it always feels like there’s a ticking clock right beside your ears. Not only do you need to ask your wedding planner how long they believe it will take to plan your entire wedding, but you should also ask them if they’ve planned a wedding in the time you’ve giving them.


Will the Contract Be with the Planner or with the Individual Vendors?


This is something couples can easily overlook. You need to make sure everyone gets paid and that you have access to all the wedding vendors that will be present at your wedding. Know upfront whether your wedding planner will be handling all of the hiring themselves, or if you will need to manage the hiring of vendors yourself.


Can You Guarantee that I Won’t Go over My Budget?


This question may seem a bit presumptuous, but wedding budgets can easily get out of control if they aren’t carefully monitored. Your organizer needs to be as efficient with your money as possible, and asking them if they can keep you on budget is an important question.


Deluxe Weddings is ready to answer all of your questions. You deserve to have a wedding day that is magical, but you also deserve to enjoy the time leading up to your wedding without the added anxiety of having to plan the entire thing. Let us help. Contact us now at 647-289-8988.

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