5 Quick Tips to Handle Your Pre-Wedding Stress

stress free wedding planning torontoHow hard is it to keep everything together in the months leading up to your wedding? As your big day inches closer, you’re caught between feeling a world of excitement and world of anxiety. But as chaotic as everything surely seems, pre-wedding stress is a normal thing. The key is knowing what to do to manage it.
We want you to think of Deluxe Weddings as your wedding stress relievers. We offer couples a comprehensive set of services to bring some wedding planning stress relief to organizing what is sure to be a momentous occasion.
To get you started, here are a few tips to keep down your anxiety.


Get Help from a Wedding Organizer

This is probably the best wedding planning stress advice you can take as a couple to relieve some of the pressure. Wedding planners take on as much of the organizational burden as you need, from booking a venue to finding photographers and videographers to helping the bride with her makeup, selecting your floral arrangements, and everything in between. Working with wedding organizers is something all couples should consider, even if you’re just looking for a little bit of help.


Choose a Big Free Space for Your Wedding Ceremony

Maybe it won’t be exactly free, but it’s possible to hold your wedding ceremony in a public area, like a park, for what amounts to a small donation. On top of cutting back on costs, you end up with a large, picturesque location for your wedding. And with the money you save, you can dress it up the way you like, like by adding some tents and other adornments.


Strictly Follow the Timeline to Avoid Hassle

Timelines are so useful, especially on the day of the wedding. Of course there will be some occurrences that make it difficult for everything to happen precisely as planned, but keeping a timeline helps maintain order. You should have two timelines: one for the guests and another for the people who will be involved in the wedding. This way, everyone is informed of where they have to be and when they have to be there.


Don’t Schedule Your Wedding Rehearsal the Day before the Wedding

We know why couples do this: they want to be sure that the wedding parties remember what they should be doing come the big day. But holding your wedding rehearsal only one day removed from your wedding doesn’t give you enough time should you want to make any changes. Planning it even just two days prior is better and even gives you some time alone with your partner the night before the wedding. This makes for great relaxation time so you two can just take a deep breath before the hectic day to come.


Book All Your Wedding Services with a Single Dealer

We can’t tell you how much easier this makes everything go. Contracting multiple services through multiple dealers adds so much to your task list. Working with a wedding planner lets you have a single point of contact for all of your services and cuts way back on your stress load.


Get Expert Help from Deluxe Weddings

Trust us when we say we know how emotional and draining planning a wedding can be on a couple. That’s why we encourage you to give Deluxe Weddings a call and let us be your stress-free wedding planners in Toronto.
Deluxe Weddings offers all the services you need to make your day special. From getting the makeup right for the bride and her bridesmaids to venue selection and catering, Deluxe Weddings offers stress-free wedding planning in Toronto. We serve all of Ontario, including York Region and the GTA, and are available daily from 9-5. Contact us now at 647-289-8988 to discuss what your perfect wedding looks like!

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