Bridal Skincare Tips to Get Flawless Skin before the Wedding

bridal-skincare-tipsWe know that weddings are about couples, but let’s take a minute to speak exclusively to the brides. Let’s face it, the brides are the ones about whom everyone will be fussing, so we’re sure you won’t mind the extra attention here.


We also know that you want to look your finest when you walk down the aisle, and your skin is near the top when it comes to how you feel about yourself. You’ll want to pull out all the stops before you say “I do.” Whether that means scheduling a bridal facial at home or making sure your makeup is on point, here are some pre-wedding skincare tips to keep you smiling.


Arrange for a Professional Facial Expert


You do not want to be caught without someone who is a pro at making your skin look its best. A facial expert does more than just makeup; they know the steps to take—which often start months before your wedding—to properly prepare your skin. This should be one of your first indulgences on the road to your wedding day. Trust us when we tell you that it’ll be worth every penny.


Hire a Professional for Manicures and Pedicures


We hope you aren’t entertaining the idea of doing your nails yourself for your wedding. No way, right? In order to get those fingers and toes manicured and pedicured just right, a professional is the way to go. Don’t settle for anything short of the full treatment, and then choose a polish that fits with your dress.


Schedule Laser Hair Removal Treatments


Though this is not necessarily a must-do, for brides who want a smooth, hairless body for their wedding and then the honeymoon as well, laser hair removal treatment isn’t a bad idea. The only thing is that the process will have to begin about eight months before the wedding. That’s because at least a month of recovery time is needed between each treatment, and it takes about four or five treatments to be totally hair-free.


Go for an IPL Photofacial Treatment


And IPL photofacial treatment is done so you look your most youthful. Really, it’s about removing the redness on your face along with any age lines. The treatment takes about an hour and you can do it weeks ahead of your actual wedding date.


It might interest you to know that Deluxe Weddings actually started as a salon. We helped brides with bridal makeup in Toronto before taking on the more complete task of organizing entire weddings. So, we know what it means to have your skin at its peak for your wedding.


From conducting wedding makeup in Toronto and helping brides with bridal makeup at home, Deluxe Weddings has certainly come a long way—and we’re prepared to help your skin glow, plus a lot more, on your wedding day. Simply email us to book a facial or mani/pedi service in the convenience of your own home We can even arrange a bridal shower!


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