Your entire wedding day is special, but there are a few moments that really do stand out. One of those moments is when you and your partner cut your wedding cake. It’s memorable mainly because it’s a bit silly, but it’s one of the first actions you do together as a married couple and that makes it special.


And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want the best wedding cakes design for their reception? For whatever the reason, many guests leave talking about the cake. So you want to bring to life the wedding cake ideas you’ve been thinking about.


Your wedding is personal and so you shouldn’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter cake. You want the flavour, design, and colour of your cake to reflect something sentimental about both you and your partner. Deluxe Weddings can do all of that for you by working with bakeries and specialists that make some of the best wedding cakes in Toronto and Vaughan.


Wedding Cake Decorations


A wedding cake on its own is just one piece of the puzzle. You really do need to think about wedding cake toppers and other types of cake decorations. Maybe you want some miniature versions of yourselves on top of your cake. Maybe you have some other ideas. Whatever you think will be most suited to your tastes, Deluxe Weddings is here to make it happen.


The rest of the cake needs some attention, too. Don’t worry about thinking of entire designs. Just think of colour inspirations or things in your life that mean something.


A good example would be something like stars. Maybe you were proposed to at night under the stars and you somehow want to incorporate that into your cake design. Those are the details that Deluxe Weddings can help make possible. We work with cake makers who are skilled enough to pull off some of the best wedding cake decorations in Toronto and Vaughan.


Custom Wedding Cake Designs in the GTA


Working with Deluxe Weddings makes planning your special day much less stressful. So much goes into just getting the wedding cake right; imagine what it’s like to manage an entire wedding. But that’s our job. You tell us what you want and we do our best to make it happen.


At Deluxe Weddings, we know how special this day is going to be. Our goal is to help you make sure that it is memorable for all the right reasons and to keep you sane. From getting you the right wedding cake to finding the right entertainment, Deluxe Weddings takes care of all your wedding planning needs from start to finish. Whether you are located in Thornhill, Markham, or Richmond Hill, or even as far east as Pickering, we are available to help make your wedding a dream come true. Contact us now at to get a quote.


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