It’s not a real party unless the music is on point, right? The DJ and entertainment set the mood for the reception and keep everyone active and having a great time. DJ services for wedding events, in particular, take a certain kind of know-how. Gauging the flow of the crowd is just as important as spinning songs.


Deluxe Weddings knows all about Toronto wedding DJ services. We’re closely connected with DJs and entertainers who understand the wedding environment and the dos and don’ts of wedding receptions. Serving as a DJ at a wedding means recognizing that there will likely be a lot of family in attendance, from infants to seniors and everyone in between.


DJ Services for Weddings and Events


The reception is a fun time. The bride and groom both get to walk out to their own songs. There is the first dance as a couple that takes place at some point. And then there are times when your guests just want to dance off all that food and have a good time doing it.


A wedding DJ has so much to think about. Much of the timing of speeches and other moments when people need to pay attention is coordinated through the DJ. Quality Toronto wedding DJ services are not just about playing music and then zoning out till the night is over. At Deluxe Weddings, we will work to find a DJ who understands the nuances of entertaining your specific crowd. That includes the cultural sensitivities that are necessary in such a diverse city.


We also understand that entertainment doesn’t stop with the DJ. There are so many more possibilities for entertainment that can be good for everyone. It all depends on your tastes and the kind of environment and vibe you are hoping to create.


Wedding and DJ Services in Toronto and Vaughan


What’s great about Deluxe Weddings is that we really do care about our couples. When we meet for our first consultations, you go from being our clients to our friends. And as your friend, we want nothing more than to see you happy.


Finding you the right entertainment is just one of the many services we provide as wedding planners in Toronto. Whether you are located in Thornhill, Markham, or Richmond Hill, or even as far east as Pickering, we are available to help make your wedding a dream come true. If you’re ready to enjoy the best experience when you walk down the aisle, contact Deluxe Weddings today at


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