Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Expert Wedding Planner


There are very few moments that match the euphoria of being engaged to be married. Just knowing you’ve found someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with is incredible. With the excitement of the engagement comes the responsibility of wedding planning. And if not managed correctly, trying to plan your wedding can become overwhelming.


This is why hiring a wedding planner should be a priority from the moment you become engaged. So much has to be done, and even if you have a long engagement, coordinating a wedding is still a big deal. In case you’re teetering on the edge of whether a wedding planner is really necessary, we’ll tell you just how valuable having us in your corner can be for your big day.


You Deserve Everything to Be Perfect on Your Big Day


Not to add to the pressure, but, ideally, you only want to have one wedding day. You want your wedding day to be the one chance to make everything perfect. You want your wedding day to be memorable for you, the person you are marrying, and your guests. That can only happen if every minute detail is organized from the very beginning. A wedding coordinator already has know-how and all the connections in place to make your day special. Nothing will be forgotten or overlooked, which will give you the peace of mind to simply enjoy every moment with your partner leading up to and during the wedding.


You Need Help Making Your Vision a Reality


When you close your eyes and picture your dream wedding, what do you see? The goal of a wedding a planner is to have you open your eyes and see all your dreams come true. Of course, this will not be an easy task. There are lots of things to cross of a wedding checklist to make a wedding special, but can you imagine trying to do all of those things by alone? Don’t even think about it. Let a wedding planner like Deluxe Weddings handle all of the details.



You Are Struggling to Meet the Demands of Your Friends and Family


Families are often a big part of weddings. They all typically have good intentions, but trying to accommodate their demands can be stressful. One of the great benefits of having a wedding planner is that they take on all of that stress. Any questions or suggestions your family may have can be directed straight to the wedding planner, and. the relief you feel from not having to answer to everyone helps keep you calm as you get closer to your big day.


You Don’t Want to Worry about Forgetting to Plan or Pay for Something


Can you imagine if it’s two days before the wedding and you forgot to book a DJ, or a photographer? Or maybe you forgot to confirm with the venue if they received your request for 10 more guests. Even if you created a wedding checklist, these things can happen when you’re trying to handle things all on your own. But, they’re not likely to happen when you’re working with a wedding planner. We at Deluxe Weddings will not let anything slip through the cracks.

Find Vendors with Ease


We mentioned before that a wedding has many parts that must come together to make it work. If you try putting all these parts together on your own, you’ll be searching for whom to call, wondering which vendor you can trust, and crossing your fingers hoping they deliver on their services. Wedding planners already have trusted, dependable connections while constantly making new connections to make sure you are getting the best service possible.


If you’ve just put a ring on your finger, then make Deluxe Weddings your next call. You deserve to have a wedding day that is magical, but you also deserve to enjoy the time leading up to your wedding without the added anxiety of having to plan the entire thing. Let us help. We serve all of Ontario, including York Region and the GTA. Contact us now at 647-289-8988 to discuss what your perfect wedding looks like!

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