Why You Really Need a Wedding Decorator

wedding-decoratorMost couples sigh in relief when the venue for their wedding is chosen. It’s one of the things that makes getting married seem real. But once the venue is set, the real fun begins. Wedding planners know that finding the right wedding decorator to bring the place to life is just as important as selecting the venue itself.


We hope that no couple would even dream of attempting to decorate their wedding venue on their own. Unless one of you is an experienced decorator, then the scope of making everything look flawless is just too much to handle. Plus, the benefits of a wedding decorator are too much to ignore. We’ll discuss the most significant advantages below.


Big-Impact Installations


Even if you’re feeling super adventurous and want to tackle some of the decor on your own, one of the biggest reasons for hiring a wedding decorator is for larger installations. These can include designs such as ceiling treatments, complex floral installations, or installations that may need lighting. For anything that requires more than just a keen eye and actually involves precise technique or specific knowledge, couples should definitely turn the reins over to a professional.


Your Venue Is a Blank Canvas


Some venues come ready-made with the fixtures and treatments that you want. Other venues are literally blank canvases. It’s the latter type of venue that requires someone with an eye for potential; someone who can look at plain white walls and an empty room and see a wedding at full capacity and flowing with decor at all angles. It may initially seem like a simple thing, but stand in the middle of that empty room for one minute and you’ll feel the magnitude of what has to be done. Believe us when we say it’s better to leave it to the pros.


You Are All about Branding


Those couples looking to create and maintain a certain look for the duration of their wedding definitely need a wedding designer. You are essentially trying to brand your wedding and present your guests with a theme they can connect with throughout the day and into the evening. This takes planning, vision, and knowledge of how to coordinate different rooms so they look uniform.


Deluxe Weddings loves everything there is about planning a wedding. As your wedding coordinators, we take on all the ins and outs of making your day special. Everything from helping you choose a venue, design invitations, find a catering company and a photographer, and anything else you’ll need leading up to your wedding day.


We want you to have the most amazing experience working with us. There’s so much that pops up when planning a wedding, and we at Deluxe Weddings want you to trust that we will do our best to take care of everything we can. We serve all of Ontario, including York Region and the GTA. Contact us now at 647-289-8988 to discuss what your perfect wedding looks like!


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